Being arrested isn’t fun, but what follows is worse: a long journey through a complex and confusing legal system. Jeff Hampton explains the first step of securing bail on his firm’s YouTube channel. Most of us are familiar with bail bondsmen through television legal dramas and bounty hunter reality shows but have no idea how to actually find a bail bondsman.

An internet search for ” posting bail near me” returns an overwhelming number of options, and it’s hard to choose who to trust. Luckily, Hampton shares two major red flags to avoid.

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First, be wary of unusually high fees. If a bondsman wants to charge you a 100% fee, then you don’t need them; go to the court and pay the bond yourself. If everything goes well, you’ll get that money back. Second, pay attention to any additional requirements in the contract, such as unusually strict check-in requirements. If you breach the contract, they can cancel the bond: you (or your loved one) go back to jail, and they keep the fee.

Knowing these red flags will help you make an informed decision during one of the most stressful situations of your life. With this information, you can search the internet for “posting bail near me” and then make your selection with confidence.


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