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Did you know that even though 93% of adults in the U.S. believe it’s important to have a life insurance policy, 41% of the country’s population–which is 95 million American adults–don’t have a policy? This is likely due to the fact that the majority of people feel that they can’t afford life insurance.

However, what these folks don’t know is that they have more control over their life insurance premiums than they think. While there are some costly risk factors that are out of our control, there are others things that we can do something about–things that we can change to get better life insurance quotes.

So, if getting the most affordable life insurance quotes as possible interests you, then perhaps you should take these three pieces of advice.

Quit Smoking.

Every cigarette you smoke shortens your life span–that much is obvious–but did you know that smokers pay twice as much for life insurance as non-smokers? You don’t have to be a chain smoker to see steep life insurance quotes. Even just a couple smokes a day will greatly affect your life insurance rates.

Get in Shape.

After smoking, obesity is the second greatest risk factor, as it’s been linked to a myriad of other deadly health conditions, like heart disease. If you’d like to get more affordable life insurance quotes, eat healthier and exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. Several studies have shown that a combination of diet and exercise is the best, most effective way to lose weight and get in shape.

Give Up Any Dangerous Hobbies.

Obviously if you wrestle bears, go sky diving, or climb sheer rock walls without any safety devices, your life insurance will cost more, but even some hobbies that don’t seem dangerous can increase your rates. Giving up any activity that might be deemed as “extreme” or “dangerous” will help you get more affordable life insurance quotes.

If you take these three pieces of advice, you’ll see the insurance companies start to give you better life insurance quotes. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments. Visit here for more information: buylifeinsurancecanada.ca

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