Car insurance quotes

William Penn once said, “Justice is the insurance which we have on our lives and property. Obedience is the premium which we pay for it.” That is to say that guaranteeing order doesn’t come without a cost. So, when it comes to the things you love, you not only have to purchase them but you must also insure that purchase. So, what happens when people opt out of insurance?
The weather works in mysterious ways.
For many people, a home is the biggest investment they’ll ever make. DId you know that most homeowner’s insurance policies will cover storms as well as things like hail, tornado and wind damage. However, floods and earthquakes usually are generally not included and require additional insurance. Think you aren’t in a flood zone? Think again. A large part of New Orleans thought they weren’t in a flood zone and in 2005 proved otherwise. Free insurance quotes can help you weigh your options but insurance is great for peace of mind.
When your friend drove your car for just a few miles.
People do it all the time: you are on vacation and there is just one car. You’re friend wants to grab some groceries and even though they aren’t on your insurance policy, you toss over the keys. This tends to happen a lot with young people, which could be part of why young people between 16 and 25 have the highest auto insurance rates. Affordable insurance, such as liability coverage, often doesn’t cover situations like this. If your friend gets in an accident, that could cost a whole lot. When you seek out auto insurance quotes, ask about circumstances like this and whether they will be covered. Comprehensive auto insurance may have slightly higher auto insurance quotes, but at least your coverage will be well rounded.
When someone broke into your rental unit.
And all of your roommates had rental insurance, but not you. Tisk, tisk. Your computer is gone, as is your best frying pan. You can’t believe they’d take that. The unfortunate thing is that your roomies insurance is probably not going to cover you. About 95% of homeowners work with home insurance companies while just 36% of renters do. Be on the safe side and join that 50%.

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