Life and health insurance

We all need insurance — because accidents happen all the time, it’s best to have a good set of insurance policies including personal medical insurance, car insurance and others to help financially protect yourself.

One thing many people don’t like about insurance is the cost of it, or how complicated it can be to have several different insurance policies. That’s why some people opt to get their insurance from an independent agent — an insurance agent who doesn’t work for a larger insurance company.

But is an independent insurance agent the best way to get your personal insurance plans?

Find out by reading this list of the three biggest advantages of getting your insurance from an independent agent:

More competitive insurance premiums and rates

This may be reason enough to switch to an independent insurance agent: because these agents aren’t trying to sell their clients insurance plans from particular brands and companies, they tend to focus more on getting their customers the best deals available on the market. This way, you can spend less on an insurance policy that covers only what you need to have covered — no extra, unnecessary fees.

The help you need with the insurance claim process

Insurance agents who work for insurance companies tend to have strict limitations and restrictions with how much they can help customers with filing insurance claim forms and the like. Independent insurance agents are different in that they work on behalf of their customers to get them a fair settlement in the claim.

A one-stop shop for all your different insurance needs

Many people get their health insurance from one company, their auto insurance from another, and so on and so on — and the end result is holding policies from a handful of different companies, which can create headaches in certain situations. If you’d rather get all your insurance policies from one place, an independent agent is your best bet.

Have you benefited in any other ways by getting your insurance from an independent agent? Feel free to share your experience with us by leaving a comment. More on this.

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